TikTok for Restaurants – The Best of the Food Industry

TikTok for restaurants marketing

TikTok for restaurants has exploded and the food industry is cooking up some great social content on here. The platform boasts a total user base of 689,000,000 users globally according to Statista.

So, if you’ve not heard of TikTok, you’re probably not big into Social Media. It’s everywhere. Heck, you even have branded TikTok T-Shirts and merch’ and kids having TikTok themed birthday parties and so on.

Now, to the casual observer, TikTok can seem like a platform for kids who’ve perhaps not even joined social media channels yet because they’re simply too young. Or perhaps you see it as too frivolous when you see news items of grandparents in their 80s dancing on it. However, you’d be mistaken (slightly).

I myself use it a lot to grow my music brand and in turn have learned a lot about the platform and the type of content it delivers. Being in the 40+ bracket I can assure you that it caters to people of all ages. I’ve even seen myself turning the TV off in favour of being entertained (and educated) by TikTok.

Naturally, TikTok wants to deliver the content you are most interested in and I feel it does this really well. I’m constantly seeing videos of music, comedy and personal development which are my own personal interests. The beauty is the mix keeps you hooked to the platform, more so than say Instagram and especially versus their attempt at TikTok, Instagram Reels.

In this post, we are going to introduce 5 accounts that we think are doing a great job on the platform to help give you inspiration to grow your own account.

1. Chipotle

tiktok for food

Some inspiration from our friends across the water with this one. Chipotle, a Mexican Grill from The US but with branches across the globe, including the UK understands their target market and the platform they’re using. All the content is fun, quirky and engaging with their latest post simply looking at moving some of their food bags around gaining over 400,000 views. Take a look for yourself and drop them a follow for inspiration.


2. Gordon Ramsay

restaurant tiktok

So we all know Gordon Ramsay, he himself is the brand of course (lesson in personal branding here too right)? He has a whopping 23.8mil followers on the platform and delivers highly engaging content to his audience, making sure he’s always got them involved by asking questions and taking part in food challenges. His popular #ramsayreacts hashtag is hilarious whereby he checks out normal people’s attempts at making dishes. Check it out. Top stuff.


3. Dunkin Donuts

food tiktok

The key takeaway from The Dunkin Donuts page is the use of ‘User Generated Content’. They pretty much solely use this format (perhaps spliced with some influencers in there), and this helps them with their reach and of course continues to build trust in the brand. Most videos have some nice fun upbeat music behind it too, to help with the fun element in the Dunkin Donuts brand. Click the link above to check them out and drop them a follow.


4. Poppycooks

cook tiktok

So we stumbled over @poppycooks account on this Guardian article called ‘The New Food Stars of Instagram’. In this page, user Poppy has grown an awesome 1,500,000 followers and garnered 18.8m likes in the process simply by making quic, instructional and fun good posts. She even made a post on ‘Honey Bacon Tatties’ which makes us happy as we are a part Scottish Business and love some good local slang.


5. Tasty

tiktok for restaurants

Last up in the TikTok friendly quick blog post, we have ‘Tasty’. Tasty are a brand we are more aware of on Instagram as they have 40million followers over there, but here on TikTok, they’ve built up a nice audience of 1.8million followers. They are mostly about the fun side of food and you can see this in their posts. Check them out for inspiration.

So, that’s our roundup of TikTok for some Food and Drink brands. If you have any others we should mention in our next TikTok post please let us know.

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