Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2023

social media marketing 2023

Social Media Marketing is a fast evolving world and it’s easy to be left behind if you don’t keep yourself abreast of the latest trends and going-ons in this ever changing landscape. Let’s start with the existing Goliath which is: FACEBOOK So lately Facebook (Meta) has gone through a rough period. It’s been around since […]

Social Media Planning in 2022

social media planning

Social Media Planning takes time and creativity. New Year’s resolutions aren’t for everyone and some people stick to them but others make mini goals along the way. Planning your social media strategy is usually someone on the list but by the end of January, many business owners quickly lose sight of their objectives and social […]

Digital Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism

digital marketing for hospitality tourism

Digital marketing for hospitality and tourism is crucial for businesses to survive, post pandemic. Covid 19 has sent shockwaves through the world of business and hospitality and tourism has and still is taking a massive hit. Times are turbulent with holidays and trips being booked then cancelled and customers having to go into quarantine and […]

A chat with our Digital Marketing Executive – Macarena


2021 has been a busy year for Social Ant both with new client acquisition and in turn new staff to help deliver our array of digital marketing services. Just recently we told you about Gary Farmer coming on to the team as our new Social Media Marketing Manager. In today’s post we want to introduce […]

Digital Marketing for Ecommerce and Retail

digital marketing for ecommerce

A fully ecommerce solution for your business will provide a competitive advantage to gain market share. It will improve the digital capability of the business, as it will meet customer demand for ecommerce in your industry. Customers expect to find the products they have searched for and expect to be able to check out there […]

TikTok for Restaurants – The Best of the Food Industry

TikTok for restaurants marketing

TikTok for restaurants has exploded and the food industry is cooking up some great social content on here. The platform boasts a total user base of 689,000,000 users globally according to Statista. So, if you’ve not heard of TikTok, you’re probably not big into Social Media. It’s everywhere. Heck, you even have branded TikTok T-Shirts […]

Gary Farmer Joins Social Ant Colony

Gary Farmer social media

Social Ant is growing again with the addition of Social Media Marketing Manager, Gary Farmer. Gary will be taking up a diverse role within the business and working on client work for Social Ant, Social Ant’s own content and also some new business duties. Gary, who lives in Linlithgow, joined the company in the first […]

How to adapt your business in Coronavirus uncertainty

There is no doubt that the unexpected Coronavirus outbreak has impacted people globally on a monumental scale and effectively put daily life on hold and businesses on the brink. From strict handwashing to elbow bumps, common cold paranoia and social distancing, COVID-19 has now moved to the next level in the UK and other countries […]

Content Marketing Strategy 2019

content marketing 2019

Content marketing strategy tools and techniques have evolved considerably over the last few years, but many small businesses struggle to get to grips with the overall digital marketing plan they should be working towards. With 2019 ahead of us, it’s a good time to work on your own business rather than in it and structure […]

A Brief Overview of the GDPR Data Protection Regulations


On May 25th 2018, the GDPR will come into effect with the conclusion of its two year transition period. The GDPR replaces the 1995 GDD (General Data Directive). Since 1995, rapid technological developments have drastically changed how companies access and store information about customers. The new changes in data protection laws seek to better protect […]