Do you spend more time online than watching TV?

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There’s nothing more reassuring than seeing the Wi-Fi sign wherever you go, promising you access to basically everything you can think of these days. We know that if there’s Wi-Fi, we can connect our devices and wait for the notifications to start flooding through.

By the way, here’s what that would look like if you had 8 million followers on Instagram:

People work flexible hours now but the majority spend their evenings winding down in their living rooms. For years, many people would start by switching on the TV to flick through the guide but TV is becoming less relevant to us. We can go online and immediately see things we are interested in and even advertising is focused on our particular interests or online behaviour. Instagram have actually recently increased their online advertising.

In a recent study, less than a quarter of young people would watch TV as it is broadcast and would prefer to just catch up with an on-demand service online. This next generation could actually be the ones that kill off traditional TV or even revolutionise it to fit in with modern needs. Many smart TVs now combine online services and enable you to keep up with your social media, as well as watch your favourite programme. However, the TV adverts are still not very relevant to the viewer.

As TV begans to die in its traditional form, we are also slowly seeing large networks crumble and Friends Reunited recently joined the social media graveyard. In contrast, there are some big changes coming to social media this year. Social media is effectively evolving with the new technology that is available to us and businesses must adapt and understand the platforms available to them.

If you are a business and planning to use social media to reach your target audience, then consider where you will find them. Older generations may be still watching the daily soaps on TV and then chat about them with their friends on Facebook, while younger people may prefer to use Instagram or Snapchat to chat with others. The important thing is to keep your content relevant and sometimes this means going back to basics.

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