Social Media posting as part of a healthy lifestyle

social media posting
These days we’re all aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. We can often over-indulge but the main advice is usually to have everything in moderation. This method can also be applied to social media posting. Often business owners want to tackle it head on, in the hope that it will be over and done with. However, the best method is to ration out your social media posting schedule in order to ensure there is regular, quality content being fed to your audience.

The recommended 5 fruit and vegetables a day has now been increased to 8 a day and we all have to adapt to maintain a balanced diet. This can often involve being creative when cooking meals and planning your week or month in advance. To get ideas, we may watch food and drink programmes and take advice from celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver. In this way, we are effectively tuning in to good content so we can replicate it in our kitchens. Applying this way of thinking can be most effective with your social media posting.

Firstly, you will need to look at the month ahead or even next 6 months or year. You can pick out seasonal topics that you will post about but also be realistic with how much content you can create and when you will actually post it. Secondly, it is key to understand who your audience is and what content they are likely to appreciate the most. If you are a local business, then you may want to focus on mentioning local events that your customers could attend, combined with a visit to your place.

Some of the most popular content involves visual marketing in the form of photos and videos. Therefore, you could focus on this and take lots of photos or short videos. Alternatively, you could arrange for a professional to shoot videos for you. If you prefer, you could schedule a day or two to shoot the videos and this could actually provide you with a new video every month to publish over the next 6 months, for example.

In the same way, blogs and photos don’t all have to posted at once. You may post the title and link to the blog post but you could always repost this with a different title (taken from the text of the article). This tool actually does that for you and prepares tweets for Twitter. There’s nothing wrong with reposting past content as long as it is still relevant and a lot of social media posting is about saying the same thing in a slightly different way to attract different people.

A good starting point is to work out how much you are capable of posting and prepare your social media posting schedule. Once this is done, you can’t just sit back and wait for the response, you need to spend time daily on engagement with your audience. This can be tough to start with but it is just like getting started with your gym or running routine. Once you adopt it into your weekly routine, it becomes part of your healthy lifestyle and even a habit!


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