How to make your business shine with Snapchat marketing

snapchat marketing

Social media has become a primary tool to conduct engaging marketing activities in these last 10 years. Among the various social media platforms, used by global companies as well as by small to medium-sized businesses, there is a popular app, which in these last couple of years has been a real hit in the online marketing world: Snapchat.
Snapchat marketing enables companies to create entertaining, fun and original content to promote their products and services, which can reach wide audiences very quickly, without having to pay premium prices, often required by more traditional forms of advertising.

Snapchat is now one of the most adored platforms adopted by businesses to advertise their services, since it daily attracts over 100 million users worldwide. Facebook is however the most used website for social media marketing, which is why Snapchat is the ideal place to apply effective advertising. Thanks to the lack of competitors using Snapchat for digital marketing purposes, businesses like yours can find on this app a fertile land where to successfully conduct promotional activities.

Snapchat Marketing

Here are some useful techniques you may want to adopt in order to boost up your business on this vibrant app.

1) Create content

Introduce the behind the scenes of your company to all Snapchat users. Post pictures and videos about your team, about how your products are realised and about the interesting moments that your work day is made of. Keep in mind that your tone should always be fresh and vibrant and that content should possibly be shared also on other social media platforms. You can also post tutorials of something related to your job. Find joyful ways to engage your public and build up followers.

2) Be out of the ordinary

Social media users love seeing and sharing funny or thoughtful quotes and pictures, so it is always a clever idea doing the same in order to grab people’s attention when promoting your business. Posting colourful images can be an eye-catching way that will help you increase your number of followers. It is also recommendable to post videos featuring the uniqueness of your products and services, as well as photos of special deals your business is offering.

3) Include a call to action

Snapchat can be a great way to bring traffic to your website, so add links to it and to other social media platforms where you have your company’s account, ask them to visit those websites and share content. A good method that you can apply, in order to make users interested in doing so, is by publishing the beginning of a story, for instance about a specific promotion that your business is offering, on Snapchat and telling them to follow the link to your website or to another social media account to discover additional details.

4) Build following

It can seem quite challenging to build a thick network of followers on a platform that has no hashtags. Snapcodes, however, can be a helpful tool to get a growing number of followers, including original ways of convincing users to follow you.

The advantage of using Snapchat for marketing purposes is that it is an unexplored territory with little competition, which would enable your business to easily shine, if sustained by creative content and strategies to obtain loyal followers.

If you have already tried any of these tips and would like to share your experience, do not hesitate to let us know!

Clarissa Lulli

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