How Pinterest marketing can bring in website traffic

Needless to say that in these last 10 years social media have revolutionised our way of promoting, advertising and marketing a multitude of services. When thinking about social media marketing, not everyone knows that, along with the most popular platforms as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest marketing is often used by global businesses in order to increase their visibility (and their income as a result).

Pinterest marketing can especially be profitable for those who actively run a blog, since images posted on this social network can be directly linked to your website, resulting with an increase in website traffic and awareness of your brand. Frequently publishing a multitude of images on your Pinterest account can in fact bring more traffic to your website (even if you don’t have a blog) and as a result your services will become more well-known to your target audience.

pinterest marketingThere are three common misconceptions about Pinterest. First of all, many business owners, who are not extremely familiar with using social media for marketing purposes, believe that Pinterest is not the right tool to boost brand awareness. The second wrong belief about Pinterest is that it is not suitable to build a business’ online presence. Many entrepreneurs in fact think that their target market cannot be found on such platform and that it is not a smart way of approaching publics and selling products. The third misconception is related to the fact that a wide range of digital marketers won’t utilise Pinterest marketing to promote businesses because they believe it is a social medium used by women only.

Nothing could be more wrong as Pinterest marketing is employed by millions of successful companies from all around the globe to effectively promote their services and products. Think of any important brand, it will most likely have a fantastic Pinterest account, which is constantly used to promote itself and keep the brand awareness high. Pinterest is as a powerful marketing tool as any other popular social medium, so don’t ever underestimate its efficiency in delivering results and in targeting the right audience for you.

Pinterest is on the same level as Instagram when talking about conducting persuasive online marketing strategies and campaigns. In addition to this, you should keep in mind that also lots of male users are on Pinterest (and not only women as some people think), which means that, if your brand particularly targets men, you can still exploit this incredible website to directly engage with them and grab their attention.

If you haven’t a Pinterest account yet but are wondering how it works for businesses, here is what you need to know and do. You can create a Pinterest for Business profile, which will enable to join the platform as a business.
Have you noticed how amazing Instagram is to achieve online marketing results and boost sales? Well, you have to think about Pinterest the same way because it does not work much differently from Instagram! Remember that most likely your target audience is on Pinterest, exactly as it is on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and that what attracts followers are colourful and vibrant pictures, which have to be frequently updated and uploaded on your Pinterest profile.

If you want to know more details on how to manage a Pinterest profile for your business, please get in touch.

Happy Pinning!

Clarissa Lulli

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