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It is needless to say that social media have conquered a big portion of our lives. They are not only an amazing way to instantly share our interest, activities and personal experiences with our friends from anywhere in the world, but they are also fantastic systems in terms of marketing.

Nowadays there are countless businesses using the most popular social media platforms, as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to promote their products, services or events. If used strategically and by following a well-structured marketing plan, social media can undoubtedly bring prosperity, popularity and success to your business. It is fundamental to keep in mind that, in order to perform astonishingly on these online platforms, it is recommendable to use some of the top rated social media management tools, which you can find listed below:

  1. Hootsuite

Founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 2008, this excellent social media management system is perfectly suitable for brand management purposes. Its dashboard-based system allows any type of business or individual user to implement different campaigns across various social platforms. It also enables consumers to track communication activities and monitor the effectiveness of campaigns directly from its website or from its unique mobile app. Hootsuite provides free, pro and enterprise options and perfectly manages social media integrations for Google +, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, MySpace, Mixi and TrendSpottr.

  1. Buffer

This is one of the easiest and most clever social media management tools ever invented. It is simple to use, practical, effective and allows you to plan all posts you want to publish on any social media platform. It enables you to create content for one or more social media platforms of your choice and automatically publishes what you established on the day and time you want. The Bufferapp is a great solution as it offers analytical data about the popularity and reach of your posts.

  1. Social Flow

Social Flow is a captivating social media management tool which enables you to check on real-time communication activities happening on multiple social media profiles. This great feature helps you understand what are the busiest times of the day on social media, so that you can see when is the best moment to publish content.  Multinational companies such as National Geographic, Mashable and The Economist and many others proudly use Social Flow to manage their social media quickly and effectively. Social Flow offers also another incredible solution: thanks to its detailed analysis of social media engagement, it tells you when is the best time to invest on promoted tweets, posts, sponsor stories or market events, for both Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Sproutsocial

This is another incredible management system offering a special stream inbox gathering all your messages and tools to publish and plan messages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. An additional feature worth of taking into account is its monitoring features, which enables users to see important metrics thanks to its analytics.

  1. DashBurst

DashBurst is a fantastic dashboard, social media, blogging and multimedia surface. It lets you discover and share across different social media platforms a wide range of material for your posts, such as photos, videos, articles, documents, music and infographics. DashBurst posts are called Bursts and can be unlimitedly scheduled in advanced to be published whenever you want in the future on any social media platform of your choice. DashBurst gives you also the special opportunity of creating and showing your personal content on your own Boards to allow everyone to see your works, skills or interests.

  1. Tweepi

Have you ever noticed that occasionally some of your Twitter followers disappear? Have you ever wished to discover who, among those hundreds or thousands of people following you, has suddenly stopped being your follower? Well…Tweepi is the perfect management tool to find these unfollowers and practically manage your Twitter account in a couple of easy and fast clicks. Tweepi also enables you to delete past activities, reciprocate following and follow new tweeps. The pro version allows you to follow and unfollow over 200 users at a time.

Clarissa Lulli

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