Smart Marketing in 2016

smart marketing
Happy New Year! Can you believe that a week has passed already? That means you should all be a week into your New Year’s Resolutions, only another 51 to go. One that should be on your list this year is to use a smart marketing strategy.

2015 was a busy year for Social Ant, developing new websites and social media campaigns. Check out our updated portfolio here.

One of the main enquiries we’ve had has been for social media management and social media advertising solutions. Businesses understand the importance of these tasks but find it hard to fit in the time with their current workforce to get them done. Since social media blossomed, this has always been the case but now more so than ever, as it has transformed our culture and forced businesses to think and act differently. There are no doubt going to be changes to online strategies in 2016 and it is key for businesses to adapt to change with smart marketing practices.

There are well known social media management tools out there like Hootsuite to make life easier but they still require a lot of work and time. However, using a social media marketing agency can help save time and resources. The main topics to focus on will be creating content, scheduling and engaging with your target audience. This can all be taken care of by outsourcing it and you can simply respond when the customer enquiries or sales happen.

The same goes for the social media campaign management. As long as you are clear what your goals are and who to target then this will happen automatically for you by signing up to Social Ant’s services.

As it’s January, Social Ant would like to offer 2 weeks free social media management for you to assess the impact on your reach to customers. To claim this gift, please complete the form below:

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