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The majority of people now use social media everyday with many dipping into it for personal use for an hour or more a day. The main social media platforms make it simple for us to sign up, update our profile and start making new connections but when it comes to managing business pages, there is one key tool missing and that’s strategy.

For those who feel they know their way around Facebook, managing a business page is a lot different and it is something that Facebook themselves can only help you to an extent. There’s plenty of advice for planning your posts, creating audiences and scheduling content but it is down to the business owner to decide what needs to go out there into the social media sphere.

Social media and digital marketing changes every day with new tools and techniques. Therefore, it’s important to keep up with current trends and adapt your strategy, where necessary. For example, Twitter has always been a 140 character limit per tweet but Jack Dorsey and his team are considering changing this to 10,000 which could mean a drastic change to what people actually post.

Live streaming is also becoming popular and Twitter, through the use of Periscope and Meerkat apps are leading the way with this tool, along with YouTube. However, Facebook are also enabling live streaming, which means we may start to see big changes with the way people use this most popular platform.

One of the key things to do with your strategy is work out what you want your audience to do. In most cases, it could be to click through to your website and so you may prefer to start with a web design strategy and focus on the future of web design. The web is much more visual than it was ten years ago and this is also true for social media marketing, as visual marketing posts tend to lead to more engagement and clicks.

Keep your business up to date with the use of a Digital Marketing Consultant and Social Media Manager.

Jon Exton

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