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Maycheelin bubble tea
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Maycheelin Bubble Tea

Maycheelin has been serving boba tea in Edinburgh since 2014, through Nanyang Malaysian Restaurant at Quartermile in Edinburgh, which is close to the Meadows. Packing a punch of delightful ingredients like chewy tapioca pearls and sweet syrups among others; our customers are enjoying the popping experience of this of a kind-bubble tea delight!

Maycheelin has 3 store locations in Edinburgh and you can grab and go a bubble tea from Forrest Road or Holyrood Road, close to the scenic Holyrood Park.


Maycheelin opened up in three prime locations in Edinburgh selling popular Chinese supermarket products and a bubble tea store.

They required a website to showcase their range of bubble teas from their most popular selection to Oreo favourites, fresh fruit drinks and classic boba teas.


Social Ant provided videography and photography services to capture some great footage and photos of the bubble teas with social media influencers, using the nearby Meadows in Edinburgh as a backdrop. We also captured the bubble tea being made in the shop and panned across the wide range of snacks and ingredients sold in the supermarkets.

The website needed to link with an online ordering system and provide an interactive, responsive version of their bubble tea menu, along with enquiry forms for customers or potential franchisees.


The website incorporated the brand colours and used abstract shapes for a cool background that helped the bubble teas stand out.

The menu page provided anchor points to easily switch to the view of your chosen type of bubble tea from fresh to classic.

Maycheelin has become the most popular choice for bubble tea in Edinburgh and is continuing to grow with expansion across the UK.

“Social Ant have showcased our bubble teas beautifully and Edinburgh customers are able to browse our extensive menu and find us online.”
M. Chan, Maycheelin
bubble tea ecommerce website
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