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Digital Marketing Cumbria

Social Ant now deliver digital marketing services across Cumbria. If you are interested in digital marketing Cumbria, please get in touch and we can tailor solutions to your needs.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is in rapid growth right now and businesses must understand and use it to it’s full potential. Consumers connect with each other and the community via smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices RIGHT NOW! Social Ant can help you identify opportunities for online advertising and marketing campaigns.

Video Marketing

Visual content is essential in today's marketing strategy. Video is powerful in capturing your audience’s attention and summarising your products or services. Work with us to create attractive videos that your potential customers will engage with.


Quality written articles for sharing online. Work with Social Ant to produce quality written blog articles for distribution on various websites to help get your website and social channels found. Blogs are still as popular as ever and Google looks for sites that produce good, shareable content regularly.

Feedback from our clients


  • Useful for understanding of applications appropriate for the sector and also for own personal development. I will be applying this knowledge increasingly in my day to day activities within my job role.

    C Keenan – SQA

  • Good tips on how to get the best out of Facebook/Twitter.

    Tim Gilpin, Udny Tennis Club

  • Encouraging you to think about your strategy and goals and how to go about achieving this.


  • An in depth look at Facebook for our organisation to understand the statistics and a good introduction to Twitter, which was very informative.

    Sarah Irvine

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