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Social Ant now deliver social media services across Cumbria. If you are interested in social media Cumbria, please get in touch and we can tailor solutions to your needs. Our range of services can help your business in the following ways and with a combination of the following social media marketing strategies:

Social Media Management

Word of mouth has always been the way to really build a great business and the fact is that social media platforms are 21st century word of mouth. Facebook gets more page views each month than Google; Twitter is the most brilliant tool to engage with people and millions are using it; LinkedIn provides the greatest professional networking facility there is and YouTube provides an incredible video platform that can really boost your profile if used correctly. Social Ant can demonstrate how to use these platforms effectively for your business interests. We also set up a blog for you or create video content to embed on your website.

Social Media Advertising

People’s behaviour, attitudes and even their values are all influenced by brands on a daily basis. However, in this fast-moving world, there is a trend developing where brands are increasingly shaped or controlled by consumers. Social Ant can help brand owners to address these changes soon to prevent them from being left behind. Reach a targeted custom audience with social media advertising campaigns.

Social Media Training

Social Ant runs regular social media training workshops. These cover all the main platforms and provide an opportunity to develop an effective social media strategy for your business. Training can be arranged within your business for your staff or attend one of the upcoming workshops.

Feedback from our clients


  • Useful for understanding of applications appropriate for the sector and also for own personal development. I will be applying this knowledge increasingly in my day to day activities within my job role.

    C Keenan – SQA

  • Good tips on how to get the best out of Facebook/Twitter.

    Tim Gilpin, Udny Tennis Club

  • Encouraging you to think about your strategy and goals and how to go about achieving this.


  • An in depth look at Facebook for our organisation to understand the statistics and a good introduction to Twitter, which was very informative.

    Sarah Irvine

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