How to use a Social Media Surgery to get organised

If you have finally got that Facebook page set up or you have sent your first tweet on Twitter then you’ve made a good start by you are by no means ready for the relentless nature of social media. You may have feel you’ve got the hang of it and even have a good number of followers but the important thing is if your followers are engaging with you and your content on a regular basis. A content marketing strategy is essential for any business plan that involves social media to connect with your target audience and reach your goals.

Social Ant is running free Social Media Surgeries each month, which are a great way to network with other businesses face to face and share ideas and issues regarding social media. Each workshop covers the major platforms:


Find out how Facebook business pages work and see good practice. Learn more about targeted advertising and insights data.


Understand the language of Twitter and the importance of trends and hashtags.


Understand the visual impact of Pinterest and the potential for competitions.

Google Plus

See how it compares to Facebook and see the benefits of Google Authorship for SEO.


Learn how this professional network can help build your online reputation with recommendations and endorsements.


See the benefits of having your own channel and uploading your own content.

The workshop will cover the basics of each platform and there will be further workshops and consultations available with Social Ant, where they’ll be an opportunity to go into depth and personalise for your business objectives.

The next social media surgery is 21st May at 2:15pm, Calton Centre in Edinburgh. Register for it here and take the first step in organising your social media strategy.

Jon Exton

Twitter: @thesocialant

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