How to keep your social media activity light, tight and bright!

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For businesses, social media is crucial to engage with their fan base or followers. The tricky part can be to keep your content fresh, interesting and shareable. A simple strategy can be based around 3 basic factors: light, tight and bright.

In a digital world of mobile devices and fast-moving information, it is understandable why people develop a low attention span when they can flick from one piece of content to another across different networks. Therefore, keep your content light and straight to the point so it is clear for the reader what to expect right away. As newspapers draw you in with the headline, your social media posts must also be clear and engaging to grab their attention.

As you get used to blogging for business purposes, it’s important to consider it as a way of demonstrating your knowledge. As a business owner you will have a warmth and passion for your products or services and a real belief in your mission. This will be fantastic if you can impart that knowledge to others through your content.

The information in your content needs to be concise and come through quickly to the receiver. The content could be anything from a blog post, to a video or image. As you create content, think of it as you are writing it to be remembered. Many writers simply write for their entertainment, not to simply to be a bestseller!


For a business to understand the benefit of social media, they would obviously like to see followers converted into sales. However, the aim for the content creation should be that the information will be spread and disseminated across the web for all to follow back to your website. This content marketing strategy can be rewarding and sales a by-product to the process. Selling your product or service is a priority for a business but that doesn’t translate to every post on social media. Discover what your target audience like and tweet things that are interesting to them. This will build rapport and lead to sales.

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