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That’s what most people will be thinking when they write a first blog post or before they click send on that very first tweet. For many, it can be an unnatural thing to just send a message out there for anyone to see with thoughts of ‘what do I write?’, ‘but I’ve nothing funny to say’ or ‘what if I make a mistake?’

With the social media revolution, it has become much more familiar to send a tweet, do a status update on Facebook, share a video on YouTube or post a photo on Pinterest. It is no longer a new thing, it has become part of everyday life and it is an amazing way to connect with people. A lot of sceptics would agree that it is just a fun thing to do on a personal level, especially for younger people. However, the number of Facebook users who are 50yrs and over is increasing every day. Digital word of mouth has become the norm, where people share their activities and experiences.

Here are some interesting facts about social media from 2012:


Sceptics may also argue that social media activity is fine for personal use but not on a professional level or for a business to use. However, the marketing potential of social media is unfolding steadily. Businesses and marketers are using the main platforms to promote their products and services in a whole new way. It is possible to place and pay for a simple advert on Facebook, which will be shown only to your target audience. Although, the important thing is to set up a Facebook page that will engage with your customer base and maintain their interest. Visitors can like your page and subscribe to your updates, which can be anything from posting a latest photo of a product range, asking a question, stating what has happened today at the office or adding a funny video to encourage people to share virally. 

Twitter is a fantastic tool, especially for business to business communication and YouTube can be great for showcasing your work or perhaps to show an interview about yourselves. Pinterest is also good for sharing ideas and visualising what you are all about. LinkedIn is the professional platform for showcasing yourself, including your skills and expertise. There are many more that can be used effectively and each business will have a differentiated approach to social media. It is important to decide on a digital marketing strategy that will work for your business, based on the industry you are in and the audience you are attempting to connect with.

 A content marketing system is essential for today’s marketing activities. A blog is a powerful way to bring all your social media activity together and keep your readers engaged and interested in you as a business. With lots for your customers to engage with and begin to comment or click and share posts, you need good, relevant content. Social Ant is a digital marketing and social media consultancy, based in Edinburgh, that works with your business to develop your online presence, from effective web design to training workshops or a personalised consultation. 

This blog will be an opportunity for businesses I work with to keep informed about digital marketing tools and social media features. I will also blog about businesses I visit to see how they are embracing social media, including the quality of their content and what challenges they face. For each business I blog about, I will ask them to recommend the next business I should blog about. This will be a good opportunity to see the power of social recommendations through business.

Jon Exton


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