A Content Marketer’s New Year’s Resolutions 2013

As we are getting well into January already, it’s the time of year when every business should be refreshing their marketing ideas and planning how to adapt to the changing marketplace.

It is easy for marketers to resort to old techniques for winning customers but this could be money down the drain with consumers expecting advertisers to build relationships with them via social media. If businesses are not careful, this is the type of relationship they will generate:


Even if your business is posting on social media, it may be that your posts are all about yourself. It’s time to interact with your audience in a more socialable way with less corporate speak and more personality that will help engage with your audience.

Content is king and so your digital marketing strategy should have a well thought out plan for producing and sharing interesting content. Businesses must become social brands that are there to provide advice and show they care about the customer as an individual. Your content should be a trusted source with your customers’ interests at heart.

2013 is the year to experiment in your marketing and become a publisher. It’s an opportunity to recognise trends in your industry and make full use of tools such as video, photos, blogs, webinars, ebooks and podcasts etc. The content you produce and share will be delivered to your audience through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and blogging platforms. If you continue to try something new, you will discover what works best for you and which campaigns to run with.

Jon Exton

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