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This article is part of the ‘Digital Marketing – Business Case Studies’ series from Social Ant. Each interview is useful information for startups and provides an interesting insight into business life. It focuses on how digital and social media marketing is essential in business.

Many of us will have filled up on cake over Christmas and some of us may have even given up on eating it for the time being. However, business is still booming for Ginger Bakers, who produce an inspiring array of cakes and bakes using the freshest ingredients, locally sourced where possible and always free range eggs.

With two recent awards for their chocolate brownies, Ginger Bakers is going from strength to strength. Lisa Smith started the business in 2006 and used her creative flair to produce stunning hand crafted cakes with imaginative flavours and a great attention to detail. Based in the Lake District, the breathtaking landscape has an abundance of high quality local ingredients and inspirations.

Lisa talks to Social Ant about how she got started in business and how she believes in ‘hard hard’ work in order to make it work and grow. She has embraced social media and aims to be consistent in engaging with her audience of followers.

What is the latest news with your business? What are the latest products/services you offer?
We have developed and launched a range of individually packaged brownies for retail sale. This range of brownies has won gold great taste awards and last week a gold taste cumbria award.

Why did you start your business and what did you do before?
I started the business as I was working for someone else in a similar business and was frustrated at their practices and wanted to do it my way – so I did. I was an art psychotherapist before baking.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to start out in business, or grow an existing business? What challenges should they prepare for?
Be prepared for hard hard work, to put the hours in and to be able to work whenever is required. There will be ups and downs but try and prepare for the financial ones carefully. Try to manage your cash flow well.

What does your typical work day look like?

Up at 5.30 – 6.00am, put computer on and answer emails, do invoicing and general office stuff.
7.30 get children up and ready for school.
9.00 take children to school, go to bakery.
9.10 – 5.00 approximately. Bake cakes, pack orders, make local deliveries

5.30 Home, family dinner, family stuff
7.30 Back to bakery during busy months
11.00 Home, answer emails etc.
1am Sleep.

What is your current online presence?

What are your plans for using social media for your business?
To try and be consistent and use regularly.

What traditional methods of advertising, marketing and promotion do you use?
Leaflets and gift vouchers.

Which method of online marketing do you find drives the most traffic to your website?
Search engine optimisation (SEO).

What advice would you give a business startup about approaching social media and developing a digital marketing strategy?
Be consistent when using social media. Don’t do too much self-promotion, nobody likes a bragger.

This has been an interesting snapshot of life within a business. Despite the hard work and busy days, there is still time to update social media pages on a regular basis, as it is important to connect and engage with potential customers.

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