Pinterest – get pinning this Easter!

If you are thinking of getting started on Pinterest, now is as good a time as any! Especially with Easter coming up and people will be searching for product ideas or gifts.

Pinterest has become increasingly popular due to its visually appealing style. Users enjoy the website environment, where they can view beautiful images and pin desired items or make plans. For example, a wedding is a very visual event, so what better way to prepare for a wedding than creating pinboards for each category of products or services you will require. A pinboard of wedding dresses, cakes or venue decorations will be useful when making that final purchase decision. As a wedding dress seller, you should make your images pinable from your website, so a user can click their desired dress and it will take them straight to your website, where they can perhaps place a deposit or arrange a fitting.

Therefore, pinboards are seen as mood boards, where you can collate and categorise anything that is visually appealing. As a business, you can show your inspirations behind ideas for your own products or run competitions to pin a certain type of photo. It is a good platform for demonstrating expertise or credibility in any given area.

Pinterest can also be utilised for promoting non graphical content. For example, writing a blog article, which includes a picture, and pinning it on a relevant board can drive web traffic to the blog.

As part of your Digital Marketing strategy, it is important to focus on upcoming trends and planning ahead. With Easter coming up, get creative with Easter ideas. This is something people are going to be searching for and pinning your image means pinning a link to your website, which will be an everlasting link for others to click on. If you are not in the business of creating chocolate bunnies etc, think creatively about how you can adapt a product to give it an Easter message or theme. Simply posting a fun Easter pic can lead to people some positive activity on Pinterest and will work well towards your SEO.

Here’s some EGGcellent Easter ideas on Pinterest:

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